Leadership: The beauty of questions


Who? What? When? Where? Why? In what way? By what means?

P otent questions dating back to the time when the Roman and Greek philosophers were busy formulating or analysing rhetorical questions. Small words with big question marks to gather information; complete a story or: search for central answers to a business strategy or business model. Which answers do you need questions for? What if there was a question that would lead you to find a novel answer to…!



The “W” questions above can take you a long way in your quest to develop your organisation or business. Another is “If…”. Questions can be very powerful and yet is seems that we spend more time formulating answers than trimming the questions. The good thing is, it is never too late to indulge in the power of inquiry. In our toolbox we have Brainmove®: a collective name for our passion for questions which we have gathered over the years. We and our clients use them to facilitate challenges ahead, orally or in print.

October 2014